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   Aug 04

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   Jun 03

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   Mar 11

Nine Years of Progress

May 17, 2002 marks the ninth anniversary of Joseph’s death, and I am filled with sadness and joy. I am joyful for all that he has inspired in others. All of you who have supported our vision of peace in schools, youth sports and in our communities have helped us to accomplish these goals the last nine years:

The Joseph Matteucci Foundation has been instrumental in providing funding for mediation programs in schools throughout Alameda County. We have contributed over $40,000.

The Joseph Matteucci Foundation has provided training for teachers to facilitate creating and implementing their own mediation or peer counseling programs.

The Joseph Matteucci Foundation has continued to educate parents and coaches about the role and responsibility of adults in youth sports. We have developed a checklist to help leagues to identify issues that fuel violence and how to appropriately deal with those issues. Through a free baseball clinic we have been able to combine baseball skills with a nonviolence message for athletes and parents. We also provided information and education on drugs and tobacco product use in sports and in life.

The Joseph Matteucci Foundation has continued to reward students working to create peace on campus by providing scholarships to students who dedicate themselves to resolving conflicts through the mediation process as student mediators. We have awarded over $30,000 since 1994.

We are currently working on providing a gun information and diversion program for use in all the schools in Alameda County. This program will be available to parents as well, and will be proactive in providing a forum for discussion on guns in schools.

The Joseph Matteucci Foundation has no paid staff, we are run solely by volunteers including my position as Executive Director. In the coming year JMF will continue to strive toward the goal of education, intervention and prevention of youth violence in classrooms, on sporting fields and in homes.

God Bless Joseph, and all our children!

   Mar 11

Baseball clinic

Our last clinic was held on Sunday, May 18th. Stay tuned for more clinics to be scheduled in the future. Or feel free to contact JMF if you are interested in bringing the Stand for Peace Clinic to your community.
The Joseph Matteucci Foundation and the Castro Valley Rotary Club have partnered with the Alameda County Sheriffs Office and the Alameda County Health Department to host this one-day clinic. Field use is donated by the Castro Valley Unified School District.

Former San Francisco Giant infielder Erik Johnson of EJ Sports, LLC heads up the baseball instruction, which will cover the basics of throwing, catching, fielding, and batting.
In addition to baseball instruction, the Joseph Matteucci Foundation teaches the attendees how to make the experience of playing baseball a positive one and that success is based on having fun and learning the skills of the game — not on the score of the game.

The majority of players who quit playing baseball do so by the age of 10, and they typically quit because of a negative experience with a coach or parent. This clinic not only teaches the skills of baseball, but everyone also learns how to stay healthy, have a good time and stay cool. Another important aspect of the clinic is drug and tobacco awareness, taught by the Alameda County Sheriffs Officers and the Alameda County Health Department.
Additionally, this clinic is a great way for a children to spend a day with their parents. It is a true win-win situation for all involved.
There is no charge to any child who attends the clinic, but an adult or coach must accompany each child. All athletes will receive a free hat and T-shirt. A free barbecue lunch will be provided by the Sheriffs Department to all in attendance.

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   Mar 11

Scholarship Program

In a partnership with the Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the Joseph Matteucci Foundation awards scholarships to students participating in Mediation Programs at school . In each of the ceremonies, students were honored and presented with a commemorative plaque and a scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00.

These students were chosen to receive the scholarships based on many factors — most importantly their involvement in maintaining peace on their campuses through participation in Mediation Programs. Each of the students was a trained mediator and has been involved in making peace real in their schools, homes and communities. We hope that these scholarships will help each of these students achieve their goals in their academic careers, and we encourage them to continue to “Stand for Peace.”

We would like to congratulate the following students from Castro Valley High School, June 2, 1999: (from left to right) Diana Pineda, Sadaf Shaghasi, Mark Whitehouse/President of Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs Association and Tina Ajlouny; and from San Lorenzo High School, June 3, 1999: (from left to right) Salena Gray,Alexendra Matteucci, Brandy Prentiss, and Mike Lani.

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   Mar 11


Developed for school assemblies, “What’s Up with Guns” is a gun education program that tells a compelling story about a teen who uses his parents’ gun to kill a student at school . The wide-reaching effects of his actions, as well as how those involved could have prevented the tragedy, are covered in great detail.

The presentation is divided into four parts: the events leading up to the shooting, the capture and arrest of the students involved, emergency medical treatment of the victim, and the legal process and conviction. Each segment is presented by a knowledgeable expert.

Target Audience:
Middle School Students
High School Students
School Teachers and Counselors

JMF partnered with the Hayward Unified School District, the Hayward Police Department’s Youth and Family Services Division, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and Eden Medical Center to develop this program. The teacher’s companion piece was drafted by April Pavlik, M.A., Sports Psychology. Christy Haines, who develops youth outreach programs in Santa Barbara, created the assessment piece. Christy has a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Working closely with Alexandra Matteucci and these collaborators, Tommy Dew Design provided script development and designed the presentation.

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   Mar 11

What’s Up with Guns

Locally and across the U.S., gun-related violence threatens the safety of our youth. In response to this epidemic, JMF developed an in-school program to create a dialogue on school safety that involves school staff, students, and their parents.

It is JMF’s goal to share this program with schools throughout California that are interested in using it, at very little or no cost. Each school can use a stand-alone version of the presentation or their own presenters to implement the program according to their special needs.

“What’s Up with Guns” teaches kids to avoid guns and arms them with steps to take if they know a student has a gun or is trying to obtain one. It also makes young people aware of the chain reaction of tragic events that occur after a shooting — events that not only effect those involved but also the entire student body and surrounding communities.

The program comes with a teacher’s companion piece for further classroom discussion on gun-related violence among youth. More specifically, the piece encourages kids to get involved with their parents, teachers, and administrators in drafting safety policies for their schools.

We have also developed an assessment piece to gauge the effectiveness of the program and facilitate future improvements.